Card Index of Foreign Visitors 1912-1961 p1

Page 1. Explanation of an alphabetical List of foreign visitors to the Institute of Laboratories, Biologic Laboratories from 1912-1961. Compiled by Dr. James McComb, Director, October 5, 1961.

Institute of Laboratories, Biologic Laboratories
October 5, 1961
Card Index of Foreign Visitors
There are now two card files of foreign visitors from the dates of September 3, 1912 to the present. One file is in alphabetical order and the other, by country of origin at the time of the visit. This last file, (by country of origin) should prove to be more useful. Up until the last few years there was no request to print their last names and for this reason there are many mistakes remaining, some of which may be corrected when future visitors from these countries come. I have referred freely to biographical indexes in Dubos, Topley, & Wilson, Zinsser and the Medical Research Councils, “A System of Bacteriology” (1929). These have been helpful in correcting many names. It was of considerable interest to me to learn what some of these visitors have done as signified by these references. I thought it might be interest some of the staff also.
The following is the list and some of the work that had been referred to in at least on of the previously mentioned volumes.
Dr. James A. McComb, D.V.M.
Director, Biologic Laboratory

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