Commonhealth. Page 6. 1958

Photographs from Commonhealth 1958

Photographs taken for the publication Commonhealth, a bi-monthly publication produced by the Massachusetts Public Health Department.

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Commonhealth 1954 Vol.2 No.1 - front cover

Commonhealth 1954 Vol. 2 No. 1

Commonhealth from 1954 with history and information regarding the Institute of Laboratories, Biologic Laboratory, and Massachusetts Public Health.

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Bulletin of Department of Public Health V.6 N.2-1946 Cover

Bulletin of Department of Public Health – 1946

Newsletter – Volume XI, Number 2 August 1946

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Immunization Publication – 1947

The Why and How of Immunization by Ruth A. Thomas. 1947. Consumer health publication about immunization, disease, and explaining the difference between medical products available.

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The Horse That Has Saved 8500 Lives. From the Boston Transcript October 6, 1923.

Newspaper Articles from 1920s

Newspaper articles from the 1920s.

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Cover of Publication "Plea of Diphtheria Antitoxin" by McCollom 1900

Plea for Diphtheria Antitoxin – 1900

Publication A Plea for Larger Doses of Antitoxin in the Treatment of Diphtheria by John McCollom 1900.

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