Product Display. Unknown Date.

Product and Equipment Displays

Product and Equipment displays from various time periods.

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Research. 1990s

People and Research 1988, 1990s

Photographs of people and people doing research or other work. Dates are generally known to be from the 1990s, with one photo from 1988 and with some specifically from 1994 and 1996.

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Calf Operating Room. Unknown Date.

Building and Facilities – Laboratory Space and Equipment.

Photographs of various facilities, equipment, and laboratory spaces, including some early photos.

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Fractionation Laboratory Equipment. 1996.

Building and Facilities – Laboratory Space and Equipment. 1996-1999.

Photographs of Laboratory space, equipment, and other facilities.

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Sources of Biologic Products 1958. Cover.

Sources of Biologic Products 1958

Pamphlet distributed in Massachusetts about biologic products, their sources, and value – Including Division of Biologic Laboratories.

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Immunization Publication – 1947

The Why and How of Immunization by Ruth A. Thomas. 1947. Consumer health publication about immunization, disease, and explaining the difference between medical products available.

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The Horse That Has Saved 8500 Lives. From the Boston Transcript October 6, 1923.

Newspaper Articles from 1920s

Newspaper articles from the 1920s.

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