Letter to Dr. Reagh from Eugene Whitmore 1916

Letter to Dr. Reagh from Eugene Whitmore June 2, 1916.

June 2, 1916.
Dear Doctor Reagh:
I have your letter of May thirty-first.
We use the finished, diluted, typhoid vaccine for intravenous inoculation of the rabbit. The doses for this inoculation are 0.5 c.c. for the first dose, and 1 c.c. for the second dose; and the injection is made into the marginal ear vein. Two injections are given at the interval of ten days. We bleed from the ear vein, just before the second dose is given, and again ten days after the second dose. We use the Dorset strain of Bacillus typhosus for agglutination tests: we use the Rawlings strain for making the vaccine.
Yours very truly,
Eugene R. Whitmore

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