People and Research Photograph. [1920s-1940s]

People and Research Photographs [1920s-1940s]

Photographs of people doing research or other work tasks. Photographs are approximately dated from between 1920-1940.

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Research. 1990s

People and Research 1988, 1990s

Photographs of people and people doing research or other work. Dates are generally known to be from the 1990s, with one photo from 1988 and with some specifically from 1994 and 1996.

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Fire Prevention Demonstration. July 8, 1965

Fire Prevention Demonstration July 1965

Photographs and letter about a fire prevention demonstration conducted by the Boston Fire Department in July 1965.

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Filling. Unknown Date.

Facilities – Laboratory Space and Equipment – Filling.

Photographs of product processing and filling.

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Calf Operating Room. Unknown Date.

Building and Facilities – Laboratory Space and Equipment.

Photographs of various facilities, equipment, and laboratory spaces, including some early photos.

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Fractionation Area B121. 1950.

Facilities – Laboratory Space and Equipment – Fractionation.

Photographs of fractionation laboratory space. Dates range from 1950-1973, with unknown dates or specific identifiers for most photographs.

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Fractionation Laboratory Equipment. 1996.

Building and Facilities – Laboratory Space and Equipment. 1996-1999.

Photographs of Laboratory space, equipment, and other facilities.

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Biologics Building - AV Laboratory and Stables. Unknown Date

Buildings and Facilities 1927-2004 and Unknown Dates

Photographs of various buildings, facilities, and grounds housing laboratory services.

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Commonhealth. Page 6. 1958

Photographs from Commonhealth 1958

Photographs taken for the publication Commonhealth, a bi-monthly publication produced by the Massachusetts Public Health Department.

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Building exterior

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